The Price Correlation Between Bitcoin And Altcoins – Explained!

Bitcoin and altcoins are heavily correlated when it comes to price. The first cryptocurrency was designed to work as a means of exchange for goods and services, but has since evolved into a financial asset.

While it’s not possible to say with certainty that every altcoin is going to increase in value when bitcoin does, there are certain patterns that suggest this correlation.

The Price Correlation Between Bitcoin And Altcoins



One of the most important indicators when determining whether or not an altcoin is a good investment opportunity and will increase in value with the price of bitcoin is its volatility. Volatility can be calculated by looking at how suboptimal prices move relative to bitcoins. Over time, fast-moving markets tend to become more volatile because it introduces “slippage” into call orders where investors buy below according to their plan and sell above according to their expectations.



Where the daily range is very narrow, we expect it to have a powerful correlation with bitcoin’s market value. When BTC falls sharply relative to USD while altcoins move upward in line, this indicates that new money has entered bitcoin and pushed prices upon the assumption of trend continuation beyond what fundamentals support.  A corollary would be if price movement was entirely correlated between BTC/USD but had no significant connection within individual crypto-assets and there were in-between views such as Bitcoin trading closely until highs around $2400 at which.



The cryptocurrency sector has been alive for almost ten years. Since then, several thousands of different cryptocurrencies with their own currencies and ecosystems have emerged. A little over six months ago the Federal Reserve Bank thoroughly investigated some fake cryptos on the black market called “black coins”. Blackcoin is one of a kind in many ways: it’s not only scarce but its value as well (1BNC/USD) varied more than 99% percent from $0.0001 to anything between $10M-$50M at times!

Value of Bitcoin and Altcoins

Value of bitcoin and altcoins
Bitcoin is the thirteenth largest currency in the world by a market cap of almost $10 billion. With a price range of 30%-120% per week, bitcoin has only come to reach its peak value between 4 days ago and 7th March 2016 at times exceeding 15k$ towards 20K$.

In contrast, altcoins are bigger than “small” currencies (greeks) with a 2-12 months maturity schedule (altcoins). But realistically no one knows what will be their future fate even though today we consider it quite certain that Bitcoin shall always be greater than 1 million dollars more or less.

Correlation Between Bitcoin and Altcoins

Correlation between Bitcoin and altcoins on the one hand; cryptocurrency market cap -27% of world GDP-  on the other. The above is just an overview. Overall, cryptocurrencies, in general, are not correlated with traditional assets such as securities or bonds due to the lack of regulation around them for investors but the majority of them have a positive correlation with USD/BTC since they’re very volatile at times! Among cryptocurrencies, Coinbase has 70+ favorite coins like Bitcoin (BTC)or Litecoin (LTC). Mostly all those trade pairs correlate positively even though there may be some sore points like BTC vs LTC.

Presently Bitcoin is not considered as a currency but rather it’s an asset like gold which isn’t regulated by any country or company because the value changes so often that turning it into “regular” cash would disrupt the market too much given these volatile movements;

The Trading Volume of Cryptocurrencies in 2018

Talking about Bitcoin and all possible protocols utilizing Blockchain technology, there is an important statement to make, as the current value on 7th March 2016 was above 18k$ but relatively speaking it didn’t exceed 2k$ in the first few months of its existence;

The scaling issue which plagued Ethereum-based solutions (RIP) has also been primarily affecting Dash’s alpha release which began fundraising via a crowd sale. So now growth will be achieved either through marketing or by forming partnerships with third parties who have a vested interest in cryptocurrencies because we are almost halfway since our return from 2014 lows of around 1 dollar.

Exchanges That Trade Cryptocurrencies Today

Exchanges that trade cryptocurrencies today
I think it would be much easier to trade cryptocurrencies if you compare them with commodities such as precious metals and not just like stocks, since only 1% is dedicated to the number of shares in a company but even less are generated during Ethereum-based ICOs. As an example, on top of Bitcoins trading volumes; last time they were traded at more than 50k$ (June 2014), etc…You can find out the best Google Scholar articles that feature Bitcoin along with its comparison value vs USD/BTC.

Testable Hypotheses

Testable Hypotheses

Bitcoin and altcoins correlate because they’re both digital tokens. This means that when one goes up, the other usually follows suit. Understanding price correlation is essential if you want to make money with cryptocurrencies.

This means that when one altcoin goes up in price, you can usually expect that bitcoin will follow suit. However, don’t invest more than you can afford to lose – test your hypotheses and see if they hold water! If you’re still unsure about cryptocurrency investing, read our comprehensive guide on investing in altcoins.

Market Size

As one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world, Bitcoin is experiencing a price increase that is unprecedented in its history. This has led to increased demand for altcoins, as well as increased speculation. Make sure you research before investing, as a lot of volatility is involved.

Keep up-to-date with the latest news developments to stay informed and take advantage of market opportunities when they arise. It’s important to remember that cryptocurrencies are still in their early stages, with a lot of growth potential. So, don’t be afraid to get on board and invest in this exciting new market.

Reading Currency Composition

Reading Currency Composition

Cryptocurrencies are a controversial investment, with many people divided on whether or not they’re worth investing in. That said, some general trends can be used to help make informed investment decisions. One of these trends is the price correlation between Bitcoin and other altcoins.

This means that altcoins with high Bitcoin correlations are likely to be more volatile and risky than altcoins with low Bitcoin correlations. When trading altcoins, it’s important to keep an eye on the price correlation between Bitcoin and other altcoins to make the best decision for your portfolio.

Price Developments Of Bitcoin And Altcoins

Price Developments Of Bitcoin And Altcoins

Cryptocurrencies are experiencing a price correlation, suggesting they are moving in tandem. This may be because of the increasing demand for these assets or some events in cryptocurrency. It’s important to stay informed about prices and trends to make sound investment decisions.

Always use caution when investing in cryptocurrencies – only invest what you can afford to lose! Keep in mind that bitcoin and altcoins are both experiencing a lot of volatility, and preparing for such changes is important. By keeping all these things in mind, you’ll be able to make informed decisions and stay on the right track while investing in cryptocurrencies.

Supply Of Virtual Currencies

Bitcoin and other virtual currencies are experiencing high demand, decreasing the supply of these currencies. This has resulted in a dramatic increase in the prices of these currencies, which many investors are jumping on board to cash in.

Keep an eye on the market and make informed decisions about your investments! While this correlation is happening, be aware that there is a high chance that prices will eventually decrease again. So, make sure you have a diversified portfolio of virtual currencies to ride out the volatility. And finally, don’t forget that investing in cryptocurrencies comes with risk – so be aware of that before you invest!

Demand For Virtual Currencies

Demand For Virtual Currencies

There’s no doubt that the demand for virtual currencies is on the rise. It cause the price of Bitcoin and Altcoins to skyrocket in recent months. While this may seem good, there is a risk that this speculation will eventually lead to market crashes.

For now, it’s important to stay vigilant and monitor developments closely to avoid getting caught up in the hype. There is a lot of demand for virtual currencies like Bitcoin and Altcoins, and this trend will likely continue for the foreseeable future. So, if you’re interested in getting involved, now might be the time.


Bitcoin is currently leading the market in terms of price, and it is widely believed that altcoins will continue to follow suit. The Bitcoin/Altcoin Price Correlation has been a topic of interest for many years now, but most people have never really understood what exactly it means. In this blog post, we explain the correlation between the two markets, and how they are likely to change in the future. We also provide some insights into which altcoins are likely to rise or fall in value over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Being in a Bubble Mean That an Altcoin Can’t Go Up More Without Crashing?

No, it just means cryptocurrency will be volatile at first and attempt to stabilize around the end of the month. Cryptocurrency is not rooted in one particular asset; rather, they are derivatives of each other meaning their prices fluctuate on metrics such as supply-demand or security/counterfeit risks. Its also important to note that some cryptocurrencies have been removed from exchanges due to lack of public interest (for example MazaCoin).

2. In Bitcoin’s 10 Days Worth History About 2%

This is a volatile time period, but even the lowest volatility can provide gains in the long run. The issue with Bitcoin’s price overshooting its fair value in such short periods of time is that it often crashes before going back to being worth more than expected.

3. Why Do People Care About Altcoin Stories? Do They Really Matter and Create Hype for Something Like Bitcoin?

Yes, this day and age we are inundated with news coverage on every cryptocurrency project; whether it be positive or negative would play a huge role into how well “alts” perform throughout the week/month.

4. Interaction Between Bitcoin and Altcoins?

The interaction between Bitcoin and Altcoins is probably the most reliable indicator of future price movements. Even though both cryptocurrency are highly commoditized, their prices will always be following in close proximity to each other due to how widespread they have become.

5. Why Do Altcoin Prices Keep Going Down?

The people at the bottom of a pyramid, who are investors in an altcoin, often lose money when prices dip. This is just due to investor psychology; as soon you realize that your investment has done well there is a pressures to keep pushing it higher.

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