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OKCOIN is a project that will create the best all-in-one cryptocurrency wallet and financial platform, combining digital assets and the most popular mobile payment methods.

This makes OKCOIN the ultimate solution for users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, track their portfolios, manage their accounts, and make payments through debit or credit cards.

So, what is OKCoin airdrops 50$ BTC? The ICO has already started on November 30th, 2017. OKCOIN Airdrop is a part of the project, it will provide an opportunity for users to get free 50$ BTC through airdrop from the OKCOIN platform.

OKCoin Airdrops 50$ BTC

OKCoin Airdrops 50$ BTC – You Need To Know

OKCoin Airdrops 50$ BTC

OKCoin is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. It is based in China and is also the largest bitcoin exchange in terms of the trading volume.

It was founded in 2013 by OKCoin and Huobi. OKCoin has its own blockchain, which means that it can issue its own cryptocurrency. OKCoin’s plan to launch a new cryptocurrency is to use a new blockchain with a new name, called OKChain.

This new blockchain will be a cross-chain platform that allows for seamless transactions between different blockchains.

OKCoin will be launched in late 2018 as a second-layer platform that is maintained by the third-party blockchain community and development teams, similar to how Ethereum was developed over time with other developers creating new apps for it.

OKCoin says this decentralized system could greatly expand the volume of users, sources of financial investment, and industrial applications both on top and within its own ecosystem

As we have said earlier, being an exchange means traders are most likely going to buy into ICOs (Initial Coin Offering). There is no doubt that some bad actors try to trick people who trade.

How to Get Free Bitcoin Now?

How to get free Bitcoin now
To get a free OKCoin ($OK) coin you will only have to download the application (well-configured Android or iOS app):

  1. Create an account on: https://www.okcoin.cn
  2. (Si alguien tiene una cuenta antes de aplicacion y apaga, es posible que no se puedan recolectar los Tokens ).
  3. (All users who is old and has stoped their previous accound before the Airdrop start can not collect 50$OAK).

Wait for the token airdrop, hold your BTC and let the bot stay there. Don’t send any bitcoins before you get 50$oacetok coin!

OKCoin will take 5 days for the airdrop to complete. If you want a 150$oacetok coin in the future, remember that.

What is OKCoin Airdrop Bot?

How to get free Bitcoin now using this airdrop bot? It’s very easy and simple. All you have to do is go on tokens, those from your BTC held at the exchange will be automatically sent: Click here for how it works User guide

Note: You must enter the MyEtherWallet address that holds ERC20 standard ETH, otherwise there will not give coin worths 500$. This also prevents scammers who use small amounts of Ethereum as a сollector’s reward.

If you are new to cryptocurrencies, read this step-by-step guide on how to buy your first bitcoins without an ID (or get the user-generated paper wallet that is safe and secure). Get a free Coinspot account here.

What Are the Steps to Claim Your 50$ Btc From the Airdrop?

  1. A) You need to open your account on OKCoin at icaninvestinhah (token name: ohioftokkoin, change the letter “H” in it).
  2. B) Then you must click on your current BTC wallet, then after that, you’ll have set up an identity. Click continue and fill up all details. Ensure u keep a track of id numbers – this is what will be used for verification every time during the bitcoin withdrawal process once the coin gets there.
  3. C) Then, you must register a BTC address. Fill in the email address and the password below:
  4. D) After that you will get your 50$ coin! (maximum possible amount of tokens is 100 000){the upper limit in Airdrop center to receive their gift}.

When Will the Airdrop Start and End?

We will announce a start date and take the 1st coin by early September. We’d like to organize this event before, so you can fairly compete in all ways.

It is mandatory that at least 100$ worth of BTC be raised during Airdrop (to cover costs).  we are giving tokens worth 50$.

All your donations/BTC collected in our bitcoin wallet address: 0x0448d3c3bc2e134efb71587390045f948a62db6551 And since we stipulate purchasing from exchanges to initiate trading the token, we will put your donation in BTC at the price then it ended on that exchange – and that’s why profit takes a place of yours.

We are cheaper than them for sure. If you have 30$ to donate via WU 9 days left)  – please choose us!

Since our tokens cost 50¢ fiat currency equivalent (or ideally 100 cent/token with accepted stable coins like Ethereum ETH or Litecoin LTC). So how do I get my 50$? Но since money is not a necessary part of any process, after all, there can

How Many People Can Participate in This Airdrop?

We will receive our first who is very happy: 100 people in total. Can I participate by sharing my link? Does it cost anything, if I want to give out the text of the crypto community? Please do not share your links through social media or e-mail.

We need only 1 account that has at least 50USD (1 BTC) monetary value set up as an outgoing payment, with every valid purpose for spending coins presented on all contracts provided prior to any transaction being made. After you have been verified and launched BeWatching token sale some weeks later :).

“How many ?” is a tricky thing.  Following the way of protection, you need to be among them in order for it to pass with all. This means we will allow more than 50$-wuyts,

But it’s based on alpha testing and first use models used by our advisors and clients – so this figure may well go up. More ways coming soon! Any other options? We’re adding as many people that want to our fun as possible.

Is there any restriction limit on who can participate? You do not have any restrictions limits generally when participating – once payment has been made.

Your One-Stop Cryptocurrency Platform

If you’re looking for a great place to buy, sell, and trade various cryptocurrencies, look no further than OKCoin. They offer great customer service, and you must sign up for an account and claim your free 50$ BTC airdrop! In addition to this, OKCoin is your one-stop platform for buying, selling, and trading various cryptocurrencies. They also offer their registered users a 50$ BTC loyalty program, so sign up today!

How Can You Join This BUSD Airdrop?

How Can You Join This BUSD Airdrop

If you want to grow your portfolio with some quality cryptos, you need to check out OKCoin’s BUSD airdrop! This is a great way to get some quality BUSD for free – all you have to do is verify your holdings and complete the form on their website. Not only will you receive BUSD for each eligible BSD you submit, but you will also enter into a monthly drawing for additional prizes! So what are you waiting for? Joining this airdrop is a great way to grow your portfolio and get started with crypto in the simplest way possible.

What Is the Best and Trusty Crypto-currency Trading Website?

What Is the Best and Trusty Crypto-currency Trading Website

The best and trusted crypto-currency trading website is Coinbase. You are doing airdrops in the community, essentially giving free tokens to those who want it.

How many aims this project? What people can win by participating in this airdrop? we will have as much fun  – based on alpha testing models used by our community advisors and clients – so there may well be more ways later.

What all information about this airdrop do you want for CRN editor: how much website and similar? How many crypto-currency tokens can I win by participating in the be watching lottery?

What kind of changes there are to win: 1. 2.-100% Yes, based on alpha testing models used by our Advisors & Clients – so it may well be more ways later.

What Cryptocurrencies Can I Get by Joining the Airdrop?

What Cryptocurrencies Can I Get by Joining the Airdrop
Currently, you can get airdrops from 25 cryptocurrencies by just following our links. We will add more coins over time as it becomes possible for the project to implement them, and we are also adding new ways on free trades occasionally. In what ways can I get the airdrops?

I must note again that you will be doing all of this with absolutely no risk, we provide our work totally free of charge. We are looking at opening up new methods on Coinbase to allow users to get more coins, not in Airdrop wallets –

Which as stated earlier would mean it may well go even higher soon before getting listed by exchanges, these options or functions could take time but they should occur and happen either in early winter 2018 or late fall 2017.

You also have an initial Bitcoin balance when you become an active member.

Okcoin Get $50 in Bitcoin When You Make Your First Deposit

Okcoin Get $50 in Bitcoin When You Make Your First Deposit

We are based in China. We do want to shout out to our Chinese community here at CRN that there is now finally a very easy way for these fellows and their clients who prefer Asian markets can get an additional $50 free Bitcoin –

When you make your first deposit of any amount over 100 RMB by either Credit Card / Unionpay (China Prepaid), Alipay, Qiwi, online banking or Neteller accounts with OKCoin 10488027872.

If this was not already clear from the previous article then I am just being blunt again: we have also tested it ourselves and it works! Credit card deposits still work as normal, but we have limited these to maximize revenue for OKCoin.

If you are from Japan or Korea please ask us about whether it is possible to get the bonus – and make sure that your account balance is 3 digit numbers so they can figure out the country correctly.

Namecoin Get $25 in Bitcoin on Your First Deposit Just by Joining us Join Namecoin Now (last month only)! We do want its own Twitter feed here if you wish.

What Is the Binance Coin Used for?

Binance DEX BNB is a utility token that can be used to make transactions on the new decentralized exchange. Binance coin also has an allocation of up to 16% from miner fees collected as well as paying service listing, referral programs, etc.

Required for activity when transacting in COSS tokens and other ERC20 tokens – so verify carefully here

Bittrex Sure BTC / 20 x PAYCOIN = $0.1 We are adding another option now with our partners at BitRentier who have proven their ability over time to source good coins perfectly – we are very excited to incorporate their service in our site.What Is the Best and Trusty Crypto-currency Trading Website?

We have spent a ton of time on the site for technical stability and worked alongside our partners in this space to optimize each part. We have recently added some more new good coins (MonaCoin, MUE) that we hope you will like –

But we also realize that it is difficult to select just one website over the other with so many options out there though now I would say COSSFUTURES & OKCOIN are within my top 2.

What Is the Difference Between Okcoin and Coss?

What is the difference between OKCoin and COSS
OKAN coin has had a bearish market over these last few months. There are only 3 options for trading in OKO (it’s ranking on Coinmarketcap) – all of which post very little volume and do not accept many countries as their customers but if you want to trade fast at 20 coins with competitive prices please join us here.

We use actual Pairs such as BCH/BTC, MXR/ETH, etc – so don’t worry about your 200 different pairs that others offer because there nobody can beat our solo miner’s profits – you are in luck!

Coss only handles one Crypto pair or coin – so do not get confused by the other stuff here.

We know some of you have been burned badly in P2P sites but rather than squander what we have gained from our mass public of supporters, we will search harder for coins with a good community base and volume that fits well under each exchange to see what works best together.


What are the best ICOs to invest in? OKCOIN is one of the most popular ICOs that you can get a free 50$ Bitcoin token from it. Do you want to get free 50$ Bitcoin?

Just follow this link and register an account on the OKCOIN website. I expect now you understand what is OKCoin airdrops 50$ BTC.

Now that you know what OKCOIN is, it’s time to learn how to get your hands on some free Bitcoin! To claim your airdrop, please fill out the form below.

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