Free £10 Bitcoin On Luno – How Do I Get It Free?

Bitcoin has been on a rollercoaster ride lately. The cryptocurrency, which was trading at $20,000 in December 2017 has seen a drop to less than $7,000 and a recovery all the way up to about $8,800. It has now stabilized again around $9,400 but is making a slow climb back up.

So, how can I get free £10 bitcoin on luno? You can now get £10 of Bitcoin for free on Luno! It’s easy to sign up, and you’ll receive your £10 in the form of Bitcoin within two business days. As a new user, you will be eligible for this offer until June 19th.

Free £10 Bitcoin on Luno

What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin, also known as BTC, is a cryptocurrency and worldwide payment system.

As a decentralized digital currency, Bitcoin can be transferred instantly without any interference from financial authorities or centralized banking institutions.

In the past it has been seen by many people as just some sort of investment opportunity rather than an actual currency that could help with day to day transactions

But this idea of Bitcoin being something like an asset price (bills) vs traditional money is rapidly changing with over 1000 merchants accepting Bitcoins in more than 44 countries around the world.

What Is Luno?

Luno is a Bitcoin exchange and wallet in South Africa. It was founded by Jonathan Samuels, Ted Muleba and Andrew Vail back in 2013.

The exchange has been operational since January 2014 when it went live with Luno being the first ever dedicated Bitcoin US dollar currency trading platform to operate in Nigeria at that point of time.

Just recently they announced their current record breaking success story which resulted as over NZ$45 million of transactions on their platform were processed within only 12 days before closing offices earlier this month.

How Do I Get Free £10 Worth Bitcoin?

To claim your £10 worth of Bitcoin you need to be at least 18-years-old or have the permission from a parent/guardian who must confirm your identity with the information below:

Name, Date of Birth and Nationality Email address (which will only ever be used for verification purposes) Phone number Wallet Address QR code from wallet address referred first step required generation second step required confirmation

Initial Verification Only Once Registered and Approved Through this process you will receive your £10 worth Bitcoin! *Please allow up to 72 hours for the verification email to be sent out.

How Does Bitcoin Work?

How does Bitcoin work
The main operation on this website is through the use of Algo-Trading, a method which allows you to trade using algorithms rather than traditional human market trading.

Bitcoin has been operating with an above average number of visitors and security breaches since it was first launched in 2009 but

Because Bitcoin is not managed by any big national oversight bodies or financial institutions Bitcoins are now becoming increasingly more accepted as other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum have done very well over time.

The purchasing power within Bitcoin and its pricing in US dollars could drop significantly at some point if governments around the world start interfering given that there are thousands (if not millions) of Bitcoins in circulation and the supply is limited.

However with its current popularity and high public interest Bitcoin should continue to remain as it currently is for quite some time, so long as there are enough users who would use the benefits of this system over others that may also at some point take off (such Japans Internet Currency).

How To Get Free £10 Bitcoin On Luno?

How To Get Free £10 Bitcoin On Luno

First you need to register an account. Next, fill out the verification form fully and click submit after each section.

In order to verify your identity this must include a photo which needs suitable lighting, background and colour scheme in order to give sufficient information of who is in the photograph (such as someone wearing sunglasses or a hat).

Alternatively if you have any previous ID documentation like passports then these can be uploaded instead for further ease of opening your account through us.

Do not worry too much about uploading anything larger than 2MB per file on via our website but make sure that there are no unnecessary obstruct ions that could otherwise be an issue.

When you are ready to transfer USD make sure your account has funds on it and download Luno Wallet iOS here . You will need a Bitcoin address from Luno,

So ensure that the address is current with them back upon making a request for our free Bitcoin gift by filling out the form at least three days before requesting this freebie.

After following these steps , go back to bitcoinmonitoring via our Twitter page  or message us (on twitter @BitcoinMonitor ) then we can help you get started.

Can I Buy Bitcoin On Luno Without Verification?

No. It is not possible to purchase Bitcoin through Luno without verification. You will need an account (which takes around 5 minutes to create) and some funds deposited with us in order access the bitcoin market on our exchange page,

However, if you wish you can buy bitcoin using your Visa or Mastercard instead of needing a bank transfer which are both much faster ways of verifying yourself, so please do if necessary!

What Is the Difference Between Bitcoin And Ethereum?

At first glance these two digital currencies (Ethereum and Bitcoin) look pretty much the same. Both are cryptocurrencies downloaded to a person’s device that can be traded over an exchange or with them being sent directly to acquaintances or even others in person,

Which at this current stage of bitcoin has only very recently been possible as well as Ethereum being one of The leading digital currency platforms for peer-to-peer transactions between numerous users online.

Is It Possible To Buy Bitcoins With Paypal?

Is it possible to buy Bitcoins with PayPal
Trading directly with third parties: If a trader is interested in buying Bitcoins at their current asking price and would like to participate in the rapidly growing Bitcoin trading action of late, there are many ways they can do so safely.

A client on Luno will be able to buy or sell Bitcoins straight from our exchange page or even use an existing account setup already via email (albeit they may not have had funds deposited yet).

Be sure not only that you contact us by Twitter message within six months of making your enquiry, but also mention it three days before requesting this freebie too!

What Are The Risks Of Investing In Cryptocurrencies?

As with any type of investment one should always be wary when considering to invest their money in cryptocurrencies.

Although doing your own research beforehand and knowing what you are investing in can mitigate the larger amount of risk that is there, as well as spread a little more profit over time it will also minimize loss on at least some level!

There are several important factors that can affect the value of these currencies and render them not worth as much or lose a lot more than they cost, so before planning on investing you should always check out what their current price is.

By using an online tool like which will show up all available information about it at any given time including if there have been large movements in either one way or another during those times (i.e.) highs, lows and high to low swings when compared with its previous day’s range).

How Do I Create A Cryptocurrency Wallet?

Navigating the cryptocurrency world can be a little like swimming through murky waters, especially without a few tips along the way.

It is important that you properly research about crypto wallets before you make actual money transactions with them so when choosing one for yourself consider using this as a guide:

The safest option would be to create an online wallet where most users can deposit funds onto their account but even this has its risks and limits –

Mostly due to security issues behind it being less secure than offline; This means if accessing your personal accounts from not only home computers but also smartphones.

Can You Send Cryptocurrency From One Wallet To Another?

You’ll most likely find the answer to this question in your very own research before investing, but yes you can in fact move cryptocurrency from one wallet address to another on a supported exchange platform.

By simply doing so you’re essentially moving it from being stored within an online environment (i.e.: website) into its original physical form by transferring it off of there into either another person’s account or onto a different crypto exchange

Where at which point both parties will have access for receiving and sending their respective currencies respectively though not necessarily if they are still live balances;

This step is essential depending on what method of currency exchange you’re using.

Coinbase . Most exchanges that you probably use to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin will have a downloadable wallet for depositing currency onto them but most need some sort of verification.

How Can I Get A Wallet For Storing My Bitcoins On Luno Or Coinbase?

How can I get a wallet for storing my Bitcoins on Luno or Coinbase
One of the easiest ways would be to download or authorize a mobile wallet for your device. A number of previously mentioned wallets that many use will also have desktop versions you can access as well such as Exodus, Copay and KeepKey.

To do so install them on whatever computer system or plug-in that it is compatible with then once inside there are numerous production buttons (next to smaller images)

Which signify either options, settings and more specific information one should know before starting with using said funds;

They’re found under Chapter 2 in Options behind CoinPayments because they all work similarly but differs based on their final concept.

Luno, Free £10 Bitcoin, No Deposit Or Purchase Required

Luno offers a number of services to their customers, from bitcoin-conversion, account management and transfer information. Transactions at Luno are done via SEPA bank transfers and credit/debit cards.

The company will later enable alternative payment methods like net banking and PayPal.

During the process of creating an account at Luno one gets an e-mail verification code which is required to finalize the transaction.

However if you cannot find your email confirmation then contact for help as it is possible that you have not yet created an account with this name but with an email matching that.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Bitcoin Wallet Should I Use and Why?

It is a good idea to use a Bitcoin wallet that offers 2-factor authentication (2FA) and an option for users to lock their account after multiple failed login attempts.

There are many different types of wallets available in the market, which includes:

  1. Desktop Wallet
  2. Online Wallet
  3. Hardware Wallet
  4. Paper Wallet
  5. Mobile Wallet

Everyone has different requirements from a Bitcoin wallet so it’s important to know and understand the one you plan on using for your bitcoin trading –

If nothing, there are numerous guides available online showcasing common mistakes people make when setting up their wallets (it is just best practice to check them out before you account setup).

2. Is There a Catch to Using Bitcoin?

No, there is no catch to using Bitcoin. It is the most reliable cryptocurrency that has been around for a long time and is known to be anonymous.

Bitcoin doesn’t require any identification or verification which makes it an attractive investment for people who are concerned about their privacy.

3. Is It Safe to Use Bitcoins?

There are many benefits of using Bitcoins such as:

  • It is the first decentralized cryptocurrency that was ever created.
  • It is a peer-to-peer payment system without any central authority or banks.
  • There are no transaction fees, which makes it very cheap to use and easy to transfer money across borders.
  • No one can freeze your account or take away your bitcoins.
  • The blockchain provides security because every transaction on the network is recorded on a public ledger, so if someone tries to send you fake bitcoins, then they will be rejected by the entire network and you’ll know right away that they’re counterfeit coins.

4. How Do I Get Started With Bitcoin?

In order to get started with Bitcoin, you need to buy it. There are many ways of buying bitcoin including trading them for other currencies, using a bank transfer or credit card, etc.

Once you have bought the bitcoins, then there is a process called “mining” which helps in verifying transactions and recording them on the blockchain ledger. You can also mine bitcoins by investing in mining hardware like ASICs and GPU cards.

5. How Much Does Luno Charge for Withdrawal?

Luno charges a fee for withdrawal. However, there are many ways to reduce the cost of this process. For example, you can use Luno’s debit card instead of withdrawing directly from your Luno account balance.

The debit card allows you to spend your Bitcoin in any store that accepts Visa cards or Mastercard credit cards. This is an option that saves time and money since it doesn’t require using a bank transfer or wiring funds into an account.

The following fees apply:

  • US Dollars – 1% + $0.15 per transaction
  • Euros – 1% + €0.14 per transaction
  • GBP – 1% + £0.


In case you have been living under a rock, Bitcoin is one of the most talked about cryptocurrencies in recent times. The idea behind Bitcoin is simple- it’s an alternative currency which is decentralised and runs on its own network.

Bitcoin is primarily used for making payments online but can also be traded for other goods and services. As more people adopt the digital currency, it has become a powerful investment tool as well.

Today is an exciting day for bitcoin enthusiasts! Luno just launched a promotion which will allow anyone to receive up to £10 worth of bitcoin with no deposit or purchase needed.

Bitcoin value received can be exchanged for £10 in pounds sterling. I expect now you know how can I get free £10 bitcoin on luno.

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