The Best Bitcoin Exchanges To Buy & Sell Bitcoins? Details Guide!

As the industry continues to grow, new opportunities are becoming available for those interested in trading Bitcoin. This article will help you choose a reliable and trusted exchange for converting your Bitcoins into INR or any other currency of your choice.

So, what are the best bitcoin exchanges to buy sell bitcoins? Cryptocurrency trading has gained a lot of popularity in recent years.

But there are many different exchanges, platforms and other cryptocurrency-related services that allow you to trade cryptocurrencies with INR. Here is a list of top 5 best Bitcoin exchange to trade bitcoin with INR.

Best Bitcoin Exchanges To Buy & Sell Bitcoins

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is one of the most important inventions in all of human history. Since it’s creation portability, transparency and low fees have become hallmarks for Bitcoin transactions.

In 2009, a cryptic website was created called The Genesis Block by someone under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto that defined transactions as “blocks” – making them unchangeable apart from time stamping.

The fastest way to trade bitcoin online with INR doesn’t need extensive research because you can count on Bitxoxo to give you everything set up on your end .

By filling out simple information about yourself (first name & last name), your country of residence (country, province or state) and the amount you are looking to buy; we’ll then look for an exchange that will let you make your purchase.

In this way, regardless of where in the world anyone is buying & selling BTC with INR ,will be instantly transferred bitcoin after making a deposit into Bitxoxo’s account immediately. With our convenience purchasing service No fees! Just like most other web businesses.

How to Buy Bitcoins?

After successfully following the instructions above, you’ll be ready to search for the cryptocurrency exchange that’s offering best prices on Bitcoin.

Some of our customers withdraw money from Bitxoxo directly back into their bank accounts and others make use of an online payment provider like PayU MoneyCard (Choose any suitable option then we can process your purchase)

On the other hand, if you wish to pay with a credit card or debit card – Blockchain is one alternative where there are NO fees when trading bitcoin in INR . With easy access & no hassles; it takes just under 2 minutes to get your bitcoins!

What is Blockchain?

The Blockchain technology runs bitcoin’s cryptocurrency. It can be said that if this tech endures its current ratings of over 980 billion USD ($1,000+), it could mean that a lot more people would have access to pioneering innovation in finance as we know it today.

As the name implies; some definite aspects on how blockchain works are highly complicated and accessible to those with academic expertise in computer science ,academic math or mathematician.

However, what keeps the average crypto lover interested & excited regarding cryptos isn’t understanding this technological upgrade among other individuals.

How to Sell Bitcoins?

How to Sell Bitcoins

Step 1: Setting Up A Wallet – ” GPG Encrypt Your Wallet” in order to protect yourself against having someone draining your crypto coins out of MtGox one day, or based on proof-of-work difficulty algorithm being used by the hosting service provider

Once they have clarity at hand that their site has been hacked ,the safety concern definitely exists for new users who are exposed online as well about storing cryptocurrencies alone with no protection whatsoever just like email addresses, phone numbers credit card details etc anywhere!

Step 2: Create a Bitcoin Addresses To Track Your Coins  Your’re gonna need to create a bitcoin wallet to store your coins safely without any middlemen or hackers stealing from you!

Prepare Must Have Cryptocurrency Tools and Technical Instruments: 1.Mining Pool – This is basically the network of open source miners (shared server environment) & it could be either Nicehash, Coinko…etc

Where you’ll be paying for hashing power in exchange that translates into making money via selling prizes, payouts etc by collecting such kinds of virtual currencies as bitcoin Altcoins like D.

Best Bitcoin Exchange to Trade Bitcoin With Inr

Best Bitcoin Exchange to Trade Bitcoin With Inr

1. Protocols for transmitting the coins is usually blockchain to make it transparent, decentralized and secure.

2. VPS Hosting – VirtualPrivate Server space at a VPS company. GoDaddy offers this service from Rs 799 plus taxes per month. Famous Bitcoin exchange to buy and sell bitcoin with Indian Rupee Bitcoin Price Rises En Route To Third-Highest Close in 2018

3. Bitcoindark – One of the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies on 2nd April, 2019 ( has become top 12 cryptocurrencies by market cap currently at a global share of $65+ billion followed by Litecoin and Ripple which are among other digital currencies connected in values that have impressed investors globally –

Litecoin’s value just soared 15% since yesterday as finance minister Bill English hinted an interest into virtual coins following his comments made two years back on their nature.

4. Bitcoin Btc Wallet – is a web wallet where you can store, send and receive your bitcoins easily via the safe peer-to-peer network of bitcoin users around the globe (GitHub jaxxipaper) or else Offline offline desktop wallets with cold storage to avoid any type of theft in case someone gets access from computer hackers data thieves etc.

5. Mining Pool – A pool that serves as extra processing power for adding transactions into Genuine Blockchain Transactions: It’s also an approach which can drive effective throughput by distributing computations analyzed across many computers executing on a network

Bitcoin, the newest digital currency being promoted all over the world. in The contemporary day usage of Bitcoin is having good reputation especially when it comes to business field and financial asset exchange.

But one thing we do not know is how this cryptocurrency works?

For bitcoin mining you need some powerful computer gear therefore what most people have been doing so far has just been accumulating them in an initial phase;

They will only be using cash that can be used for buying things from places like Amazon or eBay through which bitcoins are then sold at prices way inferior than their current value and purchased again.

Top 5 Best Bitcoin Exchanges To Buy & Sell Bitcoins?

Already there have been some bitcoin exchanges in India. The solution to the issue of various online platforms was having an offline platform where Bitcoins can be bought and sold directly with INR ( Indian Exchange ) .

In the areas like Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya it has already become a norm; however for this era of modernization , people prefer paying electronic payments through Visa/MasterCard or even Bank Transfer excluding others like ewallet apps which is not that popular yet.

In India It is relatively new on Indian soil but huge industries are growing up regarding Bitcoin industry as well so it might bring us opportunities without any risk.

Those who are interested in contributing to the huge growth of Bitcoin industry can start trading bitcoins themselves with local Indian currency ( INR ) directly without going through an intermediary platform like Coinbase or CoinMama .

Generally, exchange services for bitcoin at current times seem limited only to countries where Indians live.

The fact is that several platforms are emerging from India itself and will enable bitcoins investment even if you don’t have any experience , so let’s briefly look into what kind of products use this technology in short run:

Top 5 best Bitcoin exchange to trade bitcoin with INR

1) Zebpay


one such world-class platform which permits users to purchase with INR, in West Africa and India.

2) Unocoin


first Indian made bitcoin exchange which has operations from US to Nigeria or South African markets. Another facility is “advance features include instant deposits & withdrawals’, ‘carrying full Bitcoin wallets under your control’.

When launched it could realize the vision of securing thousands with at least more than $1 Million USD worth digital reserve; but later on they changed their mind regarding deposit limits due to security reasons –

Not even talking about the investment process until now :'( On 1st March 2017 during Demonetization Phase they got a letter from Reserve Bank of India (RBI) stating that all Indian banks are forbidden to transport any amount above INR 1LAK/100. Huh?

3) Vouchers


Qwikbay Hyderabad is responsible for developing the Bitcoin industry in haryana and they have helped companies such as ” Buyxin “, a bitcoin company providing cash payment systems like Square Cash which is located in Kansas.

4) Alex Jain

Another IT entrepreneur has already put features on Zebpay platform including instant deposits & withdrawals   ORKUT Wallet , BuyVas and BitPesa . Also, a couple of people from Mumbai had asked me to add this as well.

5) AKCoinBit


This is a system to assist Bitcoin exchanges in facilitating seamless BTC trading at lower costs , and also it provides more flexibility as compared to current crypto exchange market . It’s already listed on various platforms.

In short, these are only few examples for now but companies like Zebpay recently have rebranded themselves with new better-looking website & logo which has been redesigned from their earlier 16 years old monotonous one.

Best Mobile App: Crypto.Com

Best Mobile App: Crypto.Com

Bitcoin is a digital currency that is growing in popularity all the time. If you’re looking to get in on the action, one of the best mobile apps to use is This app is user-friendly and has a wide range of features, making it the perfect place to buy and sell bitcoins. Additionally, it’s a great choice for anyone looking to track their bitcoin prices in real-time. So what are you waiting for? Start trading today.

Best For Security: Gemini

Best For Security: Gemini

There are various options available when it comes to buying and selling bitcoins. However, Gemini is one of the best choices for security and ease of use. They charge a low commission rate, which makes it easy for people to earn money from their bitcoins quickly.

Additionally, their low-latency trading platform makes trading smooth and error-free. Furthermore, they offer a high level of customer service that makes trading easy and enjoyable. Moreover, Gemini is one of the most secure bitcoin exchanges because they use military-grade security technology. So, if you’re looking for the best bitcoin exchange for buying and selling bitcoins, check out Gemini.

Best For Altcoins : Bitm

Best For Altcoins : Bitm

Buying and selling bitcoins is a great way to make money, but it’s not a risk-free proposition. That’s why it’s important to use a platform that offers a comprehensive safety plan and customer support 24/7. That’s exactly what BitM does.

They offer a range of features that make trading easy and safe, including fast transaction processing and security features that are second to none. Besides trading cryptocurrencies, BitM is also a great platform for buying and selling altcoins. So, whether you’re looking to invest in new digital currencies or just diversify your portfolio, BitM is the best bitcoin exchange for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is the Best Cryptocurrency Exchange?

There is no best cryptocurrency exchange, the one that suits you should be decided based on your preferred trading strategies and methods.

2. How Do I Get Bitcoin in Nigeria?

There are numerous ways to acquire Bitcoins such as mining or by paying someone via local currency for it who already has some. Until now, there isn’t a reliable

Bitcoin seller/exchange where they can buy with naira directly which still needs to be developed so until then buyers would have limited options especially Nigerians due to their large population if this were a solely online platform . (This will change soon)

3. In the War Between Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies, Which Side Are You on?

I am for Bitcoin. It’s revolutionary in many ways . As a decentralized currency , it’s hard to find some flaws in its design without even looking into cryptography behind it.

4. Can Cryptocurrencies Replace Local Currency?

It’s difficult to say from here , but I don’t think any other cryptocurrency will outdo Bitcoin with the potential and added value it already has.

5. What Is the Ideal Cryptocurrency Investment Strategy?

The key to any successful crypto return, whether it be speculative or long-term hold , should be careful asset allocation and in my opinion diversification through multiple coins which you can buy on a consistent basis.


This is how bitcoins/cryptocurrency has revolutionized several developing countries just like in Nigeria by offering funding for more than 6,000+ startups.

Even if the same story doesn’t come out in each nation , we are likely seeing long term potential  for any country that is ready and willing to take it up with zeal; because yes they have already proved their worth there while needing no prior coin base experience or banking solutions!

It’s all about implementation. I expect now you understand what are the best bitcoin exchanges to buy sell bitcoins.

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