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Ever wondered if you could make money by mining cryptocurrencies? Ever wanted to try your hand at it? Well, now is your chance.

Moonbitcoins, a New Zealand-based company that offers cryptocurrency mining services, is giving people a chance to win $1 million worth of the virtual currency bitcoin. So, anyone out there with moonbitcoins experience?

How about moonbitcoins? Are you one of those people who can mine the coin on your smartphone or computer? If so, then you may have a lot of fun with this.

If not, there is something else to look forward to as this new mining technology is set to take off and make an impact in the crypto-market.

Anyone Out There With Moonbitcoins Experience? – Pro Tips!

Anyone Out There With Moonbitcoins Experience

What Are Moonbitcoins?

What is Moonbitcoins
Moonbitcoins is a company that offers mining services. However, on its website, it does not list the method to be used for this and rather mentions some other methods like ‘pooling.’

Moonbitcoin’s kiosk machines can be found at certain malls in New Zealand where token deposits are required so customers can mine cryptocurrencies through their devices.

The logic behind buying tokens for these consoles is that whatever amount of cryptocurrency you have mined will pay off efficiently as it reduces the cost over time thus saving money.

Token fees vary from $3 up to several dollars depending on how much currency one wants out of the machine. The fees are charged over the period of months and years both.

How Does It Work?

The setup of the kiosk is simple. It’s just one bin with an ‘RJ11 plug’ on its top reaching up to moonbitcoin’s platform thereby parsing data from anyone who attempts to solder it open and gets a signal from satellites that hails any device within 500 metres

Or so, then signals the software which would pop into action if one does not do anything about it such as ignoring incessant alerts for fake viruses and malware because they are actually trying out this mining option instead.

The kiosk updates its customers about how much cryptocurrency has been mined over the course of a month, each time new currency is gained.

Given that $3 can be used daily from this machine, moonbitcoin takes advantage by purchasing mining machines in bulk and selling them to clients for any amount up to 1000 units at one go;

Clients would then take home their intended prizes with them or pay service fees as well as give away part of the tokens back into public circulation thus helping bitcoin miners who don’t have access to these consoles since they are not available on common store shelves.

How Can You Get Involved?

You can start mining tokens by following the links below:

Check their official blog for news and updates on how things are progressing at . Follow them on twitter : @moon_btc Join their Telegram group  here  and ask questions about anything related to the mooncoin team or bitcoin miners in general!

If you have any questions regarding this, please don’t hesitate to comment down below; I’ll do my best guess of where they might be situated within one field today as well as tomorrow with all details available without knowing what happens and some knowledge working there myself.

Traders Opinion

Moonbitcoins is a new cryptocurrency that’s gaining popularity among traders. It offers the benefits of Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies but with additional features. For instance, Moonbitcoins offers faster transactions than Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Additionally, it uses a different mining algorithm that makes it more difficult to mine. This makes it more valuable and stable than other cryptocurrencies. Because it’s still in its early stages, traders have many opportunities to make money. So if you’re interested in getting in on the action, be prepared for some serious work.

Is Moonbitcoins Legit Or A Scam?

MoonBitcoins is a digital currency that base on the Ethereum platform. It allows users to exchange tokens without fees. Some believe it’s legit, while others say it’s a scam. So, is moon bitcoin a safe investment? It’s important to do your research first, as there are a lot of mixed opinions on this coin. If you’re considering investing in it, be sure to do your own research to make an informed decision.

Who Are The People Behind Moonbitcoins? is a collaborative initiative between Leonfelix and Alex Morcos

As well as the people mentioned above, moonbitcoins relies upon:

Panda Security & Solutions  – Cryptocurrency hardware manufacturer who are one of many bitcoin mining companies large enough to be on par with these days’ corporate giants such as IBM or HP now

That their prices have been cut down in half along with power costs but it still remains profitable for miners because they run not only at full capacity most of the time unlike some other sub-300W alternatives making things more worth while; Bitcoiners span north, south and east of “the 4 $4-$9 range.”

What Are The Benefits Of Mining Cryptocurrency With Moonbitcoins?

What are the benefits of mining cryptocurrency with Moonbitcoins
There are many benefits of mining bitcoins as well. But with that being said, why wouldn’t you mine a new coin?

Moonbitcoin has its own perks to offer thus far including everything provided by the bitcoin protocol plus extra paying blocks rewards which increases your earning chances: but remember how I say this is not going to last forever and it’s all speculation;

We’ll just have to see after 4 years if moonbitcoins will still be around or ran out their services at some point in time very similar too when other alternatives such as sia did for peers who use them only now its 5- 6 bucks an hour without the moonblock reward.

If it wasn’t for miners & those who are willing to experience working on this project there would be no crypto-currency wars, block rewards and many other things while we all get together in groups mining together like with bitcoin stuff still transpiring today

Same as before until a few days ago except such as golem’s price fluctuated nearly climbing back up by 25% counting liquidating some coins when I mined them but now its stagnated at 3$+ not seeing any significant change going towards 4$.

What Will Happen To My Computer Or Smartphone If I Mine Moonbitcoins On It?

What Will Happen To My Computer Or Smartphone If I Mine Moonbitcoins On It

Probably nothing, moonbitcoin runs on any device which requires data and computation. For most of us desktop PC’s are not instant results perhaps a faster GPU but even then depends on what kind of machine you have

If you a poor guy at home running out of money after buying something extra to run the computer(unless it is an old one that survived off mining with just some ancient 2$ graphics cards) maybe opt for smartphones like these from godfaber:

I suggest using an old smartphone or tablet could be better due to its less memory needs unlike PCs because 250-999MB can take longer than 1GB and will still do processing on a slower process while using lesser devices.

I suggest buying 2 or 3 of those used devices which can be bought for $40-60 ea as an investment or just see what happens with a random altcoin that also happened to start during

This time so you would have the same opportunity at around learning how to use blockchain technology meanwhile trading some coins such like onceMillion he faucet has been active since 1 day.

Can I Mine Moonbitcoins On My Laptop Or Desktop Computer As Well As A Mobile Device?

Can I Mine Moonbitcoins On My Laptop Or Desktop Computer As Well As A Mobile Device

Yes absolutely! Not only when I wrote the following article moonbitcoin but even as you read this in my current laptop/desktop which is an older one so no GPU on it.

Think of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and others as something that can run well even executing on your mobile device or desktop computer’s CPU (processing unit) for a faster benefit it most likely won’t be compensated due to low hash power mineablity hence reducing returns(like in trading where maximum profit will come from market movements rather than mining).

On top of that there are latency risks involved if someone decides to set up TOR, hide ip, or if they are using any type of proxy.

Can I Mine Moonbitcoin On My Mobile/tablet?

Yes with negligible risks it can even be done passively rather than the GPU based computer mining but requires extra fee’s so not recommended unless you have some spare space in your device to dedicate to that and would like a passive way of having certain amounts of coins available for free

Over time compared to cloud mining where blockchain technology is used for clouds showing calculations providing proof about weight against widely renowned currencies such as US dollar costing tons when buying hashing power from a cloud provider rather than if you were to mine it yourself (cloud proof calculators are only provided by top rated crypto miners).

How Long Does It Take For Me To Win A Prize?

One thing to keep in mind when mining monero and other coins that they have a finite amount of creation times so it takes time whether you mine with an equation-linked algorithm or the GPU based method before you will be able to receive nor more than what is being rewarded.

These coins/tokens do have time windows as long as years during which it is a must to mine them or towards the end of that period establish yourself well into those coins if you wish to keep anything from them.

In terms of cryptocurrency algorithms like monero and bitcoin there is about 16 months left for everyone in a pool even though BTC miners started 5 years ago and MHs (Monero Hashrate) created 2-3 yrs ago so either way rewarding intervals are similar except perhaps more volatile because they last much longer.

Will I Be Paid In My Local Currency Or Bitcoin As Well?

There may be times where the majority of BTC miners have already made it and even those rare instances will not reflect in fiat currencies.

The greatest number of MH miners will have made Bitcoin highly probably or most likely (especially with the release of mobile wallet for iOS and android) so say 45% to 50% might push it towards BTC payout percent.

All always depends upon what happens within the networks from pools, think about 2 years ago when investing in Dash vs XMR now you’re missing out on something great! It’s not looking pretty just yet but then again markets don’t stay status quo forever though.

Are The Free Bitcoins Legal?

Bitcoins are definitely NOT Legal. Bitcoins are not a Commodity or a Security. Bitcoin is not money. If there is nothing to accept bitcoins, what good IS bitcoin?

The only way BTCs can be legally used for commerce is if individuals are willing to risk prosecution for engaging in an illegal transaction,

Which most people find unacceptable. Unless you’re running a mall and can afford the lawyer fees (though this could change) you have no business accepting Bitcoins as payment in exchange for goods and services.

Anyone who tells you otherwise either doesn’t know what they’re talking about or has ulterior motives such as accepting payment in BTCs to buy goods and services or speculating on the market of BTCs.

It is not wise financial planning practice to take one’s unknown chance with Bitcoin(BTC) into ones lap; it may be a net positive at some point but that possibility is completely beyond anyone’s scope of control in regards to Bitcoins, making it doubly risky because ANYTHING can happen!

Things To Consider If You Start Earning Free Bitcoin (BTC)

Things To Consider If You Start Earning Free Bitcoin (BTC)
You should consider the question of what are BTCs going to be worth in 6 months or a year? If one is not prepared for that, who then is ready to lose an all-or-nothing roll of the dice? Scenarios where BTC goes up in value tend to require you keep using it and riding its wave; scenarios

Where Bitcoin(BTC) goes down involve selling at those times when people may find them cheaper than they did prior. The problem with these situations IS that most people have no clue how over time things can change regarding altcoins/Bitcoin exchanges on which the values are commanded.

It is difficult to predict in which direction, let alone hope to profit from a crash.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I Get Rich by Buying and Selling Mining Rigs?

Mining rigs are expensive, but you can make a lot of money by buying and selling mining rigs. The main reason for this is that the value of cryptocurrency changes so much from day to day, which is why it is a good idea to have a system in place that allows you to easily sell or buy them at any time.

The best way to do this would be using cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase, Bitstamp, and Kraken. There are also some great trading bots out there such as CryptoTrader on TradingView that can help you find the best opportunities in the market on your own without having to spend too much time doing research.

2. Should I Rent or Buy My Own Mining Rig?

This is a tough question to answer because there are many factors that will decide which one you should choose.

Some of the factors that may affect your decision are:

  • What is your budget?
  • Do you have any experience in mining?
  • What is the cost of electricity in your area?
  • How much time do you want to spend on managing your rig?
  • How much money do you want to make from mining?

3. Can I Use Android for Bitcoin Mining?

It is possible to use Android for bitcoin mining, but it is not recommended because the processing power needed to mine bitcoin on an Android device will use up a lot of battery life.

To start, there are many apps that can be downloaded and installed onto your phone to help you mine bitcoins.

A few of these apps include:

  1. Bitcoin Miner – This app provides more than just one form of mining, with other coins like Ethereum, Monero, and Zcash also available. It also allows you to monitor your mining activity in real time and connect with other miners around the world.
  2. Cudo Miner – This app gives you the ability to run multiple pools at once and choose which ones work best for you by analyzing their performance in comparison with others based on speed and pool fees charged per hour/day/week/month. The app also allows users to see their current hash rate as well as how much they have earned over time on each pool or all pools combined so far. You can even check out graphs detailing hash rates from different days if needed!
  3. Crypto Miner – If you want something a little simpler than those two apps above (which may be overkill for some), then this one might be what you’re looking for! With this app’s simple interface and automatic updates throughout the day, it makes mining easy enough even for beginners!

4. How Do I Earn Bitcoins Without Any Investments?

There are many ways to earn bitcoins without any investments.

  1. Mining

– You can mine for bitcoins using your computer’s CPU or GPU, or you can use specialized hardware called an ASIC miner.

– Mining is a competitive endeavor and will likely require some investment in order to get started

  1. Accepting bitcoin as payment:

– Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency, so there are plenty of places that accept it as a form of payment

  1. Earning bitcoin:

– There are many ways to earn bitcoins, such as fee free faucets and playing games that pay in it. Whatever type of site you frequent on a daily basis will probably deliver some or all of these options at some point or another!

5. How Legit Is Moonbitcoins?

Moonbitcoins is a cryptocurrency scam and should not be trusted.

There are many cryptocurrency scams out there and you need to be careful before investing in any project.

Moonbitcoins has been known to have fake social media accounts, fake whitepapers, and fake websites. It is also run by people who have been convicted of financial crimes and making money from crypto-related activities such as ponzi schemes or running illegal businesses.


Moonbitcoins is an online exchange service that lets you buy and sell cryptocurrency. It also provides opportunities to purchase Bitcoin mining equipment, cloud mining services, and other related products.

To get started with moonbitcoins you need to download the official application for your mobile device or browser. The exchange is available on all platforms including Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry devices. Balance:

Also, when it comes to buying mining equipment from this company, requiring further verification might actually be an advantage for some people. I expect now you understand does anyone out there with moonbitcoins experience or not.

It is not that difficult to convert your digital currency into a physical one and most companies have agreements with local banks where they exchange dollars for Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency.

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